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It's time to party with Unikitty! The LEGO Unikitty playsets are based on the animated TV series of the same name, produced by the LEGO Group and Warner Bros. You can re-create the fun adventures of Princess Unikitty, Prince Puppycorn, Doctor Fox, and other hilarious characters of the cartoon show with the LEGO Unikitty building sets for children. Let your child re-build the world of colourful Unikitty figures, sceneries, and special vehicles, while enjoying the magic and sparkle of Unikingdom. Explore our huge range of LEGO Unikitty sets – like Unikitty’s Sweetest Friends Ever, Unikitty Party Time, Prince Puppycorn Tryke, Dr Fox Laboratory, Unikingdom Fairground, and so much more! Own a LEGO Unikitty playset now, and see your child enjoy re-constructing the amazing stories of Princess Unikitty and her friends.

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LEGO Unikitty

The Colourful Realm of Unikingdom

As the bubbly and brilliant sovereign of the magical place called Unikingdom, Princess Unikitty encounters various adventures and misadventures in her land with her brother Prince Puppycorn, scientist Dr Fox, her bodyguard Hawkodile, and her royal advisor Richard. They also face the threats of the villainous Master Frown from the neighbouring Frown Town.

Who won’t be amused with the half cat, half unicorn princess that can change her colour and physical form? Princess Unikitty is a creative thinker who is able to manage any difficult situation – when there is a problem, Princess Unikitty has a solution!

Let your child re-construct the comical encounters of Unikitty and her friends, and buy them a LEGO Unikitty playset. Purchase online and you can be certain that we will deliver your order directly to your place anywhere in Australia.



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