Buy LOL Surprise Dolls Online in Australia

A LOL Surprise doll is a doll unlike any other! Typically, when you purchase a doll, you know exactly what you’re getting. Not so with a LOL Surprise doll. Layers of mystery envelope each toy!

Unwrap each layer to reveal more and more about your special doll. Some toys come with a ball alongside the doll, making sure your child has plenty to keep herself entertained.

Once your child unwraps her doll, add some water for an extra surprise! She may change colour or tinkle or cry- it depends on her personality. A day full of mystery awaits when you buy LOL Surprise dolls in Australia.

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LOL Surprise

Enjoy Intrigue with LOL Surprise Dolls for Sale

Each LOL Surprise for sale comes as a vibrantly colourful ball. The first layer gives a clue about what the doll’s personality is. Use your child’s detective skills to make some guesses and try to crack the mystery. The second layer is a collectable sticker sheet, which can be used to spread your child’s love of the dolls to notebooks, envelopes, and letters. The third layer is a water bottle charm to add some sparkle to your lunchtime. The fourth layer is a pair of shoes for the doll to show off. The fifth layer is a beautiful outfit. The sixth layer is a unique accessory. The seventh and final layer is the long-awaited doll!

After each layer is removed, your little one can play with the lol surprise doll in a variety of ways. Use the ball as a stylish purse carrying case, making the perfect accessory for any outfit. Set it up as a darling doll display in your bedroom. Take it into the tub as a bath playset. Bring it along for playdates as a hangout playset.

There are over 45 LOL Surprise dolls for sale for children to collect. Each one comes with a unique colouring, outfit, and personality. There are so many LOL surprise dolls in Australia to bring home today.

Find LOL Surprise Online

It is easy to purchase a LOL Surprise doll online. Usually buying online means a high shipping cost when purchasing from a company outside of Australia. Finding lol surprise in Australia at a toy store can be difficult, too. When you shop through Mr Toys, you can buy lol surprise dolls in Australia without needing to pay exuberant shipping fees or navigate the aisles at the store. Our company ships LOL Surprise dolls in Australia to any state.

Simply log onto our website to search for the LOL surprise doll. Select your product, go to your shopping cart, and click order. It is that easy. You can buy a doll for a number of occasions. Maybe your little girl is turning six-years-old. Maybe she is going to a birthday party and wants to bring a memorable gift. Maybe she just finished the school year and you want to celebrate. Maybe you just want to surprise her with a gift, no occasion needed. Whatever the reason, you can buy a LOL Surprise doll and it will be a fantastic choice.



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