Micro Chargers

Give Micro Chargers 9 seconds and they'll give your child a quick burst of speed across the floor or on one of 3 Micro Charger Tracks. Our online selection of this newly released, fast-paced toy includes the Micro Chargers Race Track Sets and two other tracks. You can also buy assorted Start Packs and Micro Chargers Booster Packs. As you shop our online selection, you can choose from stunt cards and race cars in more than 30 models. Booster Paks come with a collectible trading card and are sure to be a hit among kids. Buy your child's Micro Charger today and make them the first kid on the block to have this speedy little racer.

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Micro Chargers

Electronic Quick-Charge Cars

Micro Chargers are miniaturized racer cars that operate inside of tracks and spheres with special launch kits. These miniature car toys are similar to Hot Wheels cars. The difference with these chargers however is that they are add-ons to the launch sets, hyper domes, racer tracks, etc. Chargers Booster packs are very popular Micro Chargers toys. The brand is comprised currently of four main track kits. There is the Crash Track, the Quantum Time Race Track, the Plasma Jump Race Track, and the Cyber Loop Stunt Track. There is a special television sale, limited edition, electronic, light-up racer track.
Micro Chargers are recommended for play by children that are ages 6 and older. Chargers are great for families with young boys. The children can build race tracks together and then using their own chargers cars, they can compete in races. The cars only require five seconds of launcher connected charging before they are ready to race at ultimate speeds.



Currently the most sought after chargers set is the Micro Chargers Hyper Dome.



This hyper dome track allows for children to race remote controlled launcher cars in an entirely spherical battle ground. Racing games on this style of track make it possible to continue a race for an indeterminate amount of time. It is possible to continue a run-and-chase scenario race that goes on for a long time. This stunt track expands further to include some of the original race track features.



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