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They jump! They roll! They hop! Mighty Beanz are the coolest collectable toys in town. Children can play games with them or race them against other Mighty Beanz toys. Buy and collect all of the Mighty Beanz characters! Our selection of Mighty Beanz in-store and online gives you plenty of choices. We have all the items that cover the various wacky themes and designs. We also offer carrying cases for transporting and storing Mighty Beanz toys. Come and get your Might Beanz at Mr Toys today!

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Mighty Beanz

Children Can’t Stop Collecting Mighty Beanz Toys

There is no question about it – children are fascinated with collectable toys. Parents should support and encourage this hobby, as collecting actually has a lot of real-world benefits since it imparts various life skills to children. It teaches kids how to sort and organise properly, and also how to share interests with friends – thereby allowing them to get involved and be sociable.

Some may say that collecting is a rich man’s hobby, that it is costly and can be afforded only by those with lots of money. This is why it is a good idea to get started with collectable items that are much more inexpensive and actually provide more value. Mighty Beanz is one such product.

Mighty Beanz got their name from their shape. At their most basic form, they look like small 3-dimensional ovals with a small weight inside that allows the “Bean” to stand up straight.

What makes them unique and collectable is because each Bean is painted to resemble either a human, a mythical creature, or an animal. The artwork is quite detailed which adds to the uniqueness of each Bean. Aside from being collectables, Mighty Beanz are amazing play toys for children. You can find these great toys at any Mr Toys Toyworld shop or here in our website.



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