Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is the new online game where kids can adopt their very own Moshi Monster and take care of it online. Our online selection of Moshi Monster trading cards and toys gives you child more interaction with their online pet. Our Trading Cards have Secret Codes that your child can use to unlock gifts online. Mr Toys offers discounted pricing on Moshi Monsters and a huge assortment of toys. Shop online or visit one of our toy stores for hours of non-stop fun.

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Moshi Monsters

Why Moshi Monster Toys Help Stimulate Mental Growth

Playing with toys is an essential part of a person’s childhood. Play stimulates mental growth, as a strong imagination and a knack for creativity are developed when a young child plays. When playing with others, important social skills are also learned. Sharing is the first and most obvious one, but teamwork and leadership skills can also be strengthened when a child plays with his peers. You want to make sure that your child is excited about playing (which is admittedly not that hard to do) by providing them with toys that inspire them to use their imaginations and be creative. Moshi Monster toys are perfect for this. Following the characters from the popular children’s website, these toys give your child a central theme on which to base his playtime around.

Moshi Monster is an online world in which a child adopts and raises a cutesy monster. By solving various puzzle games, a child can earn “Rox”, which can be used to purchase food, furniture, and other items for their virtual monster. Moshi Monster toys take the fun of the virtual world and puts it in the real world. Your child will love the fact that he (or she) can physically play with his (or her) favourite characters from the online game world. The best thing about Moshi Monster is that it inspires social activity, so your child will benefit from all of the advantages listed above. Both the website and the toys are one hundred percent safe for playtime, so pick up your Moshi Monsters today!



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