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Welcome to the mixed-up world of Mr. Potato Head! Entertaining children for many generations, Mr Potato Head toys offer endless creative possibilities for you to mix up the fun. The only limit is your imagination and quirkiness. Mr Potato Head toys provide creative and fun-loving play time for kids. Find all the latest Mr Potato Head products, including Mrs Potato Head, here at Mr Toys. With their imagination, kids can mix and match all his parts in all kinds of ways to create their own version of Mr Potato head – or their own customised tater. Your child’s little hands will have great fun making their own potato toy, as silly and crazy as their childlike imagination can get. Shop for Mr Potato Head toys at Mr Toys now and see your child create a mixed-up face of Mr Potato Head.

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Mr Potato Head

The Quirky Toy You Can Mix Up – Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head is a quirky toy consisting of a potato model that serves as the head, a set of eyes, nose, mouth, moustache, arms, and legs. Some varieties have glasses and a hat. The toy was invented by George Lerner and was the first toy advertised on television. Hasbro got the rights to manufacture and distribute Mr Potato Head and related franchises, and it continues to do so today under its Playskool brand.

Generations of children have been entertained by Mr Potato Head. They have mixed up his parts, creating silly faces that made them laugh again and again. Although a classic toy, Mr Potato Head remains to be a modern pop culture icon – primarily because of his major role in the Toy Story film series by Disney-Pixar, opposite Mrs Potato Head.

Mr Potato Head is not anymore just a toy with detachable parts that you can mix-up. There are now a variety of toys that carry his name. There are Mr Potato Head action figures, electronic toys, vehicles, and other toy accessories. There are more ways to have fun with Mr (and Mrs) Potato Head nowadays – and you can find them all here at Mr Toys Toyworld.

Three Lessons You Can Learn from Mr Potato Head

1. Put on a smile.

2. Lend a helping hand.

3. Love every part of yourself.



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