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Bring Home This Year’s Most Wanted Toy: Buy PJ Masks in Australia

The holiday season is almost upon us, and the list of the most coveted toys has kids everywhere dreaming of a Christmas morning filled with their favourite things, and parents gearing up to make those dreams come true. One of this year’s most wanted gifts is the set of PJ Masks Toys, a whimsical and colourful trio, created to resemble the stars of a popular television show designed for preschool children around the age of six.

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PJ Masks Toys

The story of the PJ Masks follows three preschool-aged, whimsical characters, who band together in solidarity and friendship as they set off on fun evening adventures. After the young friends, Conner, Amaya, and Greg put on their pyjamas; they magically transform into their superhero alter personalities and become Catboy, Owelette, and Gekko.

The PJ Masks Toys are perfect for pre-schoolers who are just beginning to learn the difference between right and wrong, as well as determining what is positive versus negative behaviour. In the television series, the ‘bad guys’ in the show aren’t violent but create just enough mischief for the trio of friends to learn how to make things right, at night.

Why Parents Should Buy PJ Masks in Australia

While there are many valuable lessons that Superheroes can teach young children, a common theme involves the spirit of cooperation to achieve a goal to benefit the community. For example, famous superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are known to fight crime and keep the city safe from villains. The PJ Masks team of superheroes encounter a kinder, gentler type of antagonist, and manages to save the day using cooperation, teamwork, and support.

Much like in real life, the PJ Masks young characters are learning to develop social skills and make friends through the act of playing. As they rely on their bond of friendship and foster competencies that will help the kids become good friends later in life.

When a parent buys the PJ Masks team, their child will learn that the team foils the villains using an arsenal of positive behaviour such as taking turns, being a good listener, embracing the different views of others, and thinking before they react.

Kids will Enjoy the Holidays When Parents Buy PJ Masks Toys

Sometimes the Christmas holiday loses its lustre for the parents stressing over what gifts to get their children. Other times, some parents seem prepared for the gift-giving season, but due to circumstances beyond their control, they are not able to secure the kids’ most wanted toys. Thanks to the convenience of shopping online and ordering early, many kids’ will wake delighted to see Catboy, Owelette and Gekko safely nested underneath the Christmas tree.

Mr Toys Toyworld has an extensive variety of PJ Masks toys available in-store and online, so everyone, including parents, relatives, Santa’s elves and even Santa himself can rest easy knowing they can rely on us to make this Christmas the merriest of all!



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