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Also called as plasma globe, plasma lamp, and plasma sphere, the plasma ball is a clear glass ball container that carries a mixture of various gases with electricity in the centre of the ball. When you touch the glass, you will see lightning-like sparks that tingle on your skin. Invented by Nicola Tesla in 1894, the plasma ball is a demonstration of how the properties of electricity can discharge and be controlled with your fingers as you touch the lamp. It’s like a magic ball used by “fortune tellers” but is more science than magic! If you’re looking for plasma balls to serve as special effects or for a science experiment, go no further. Mr Toys is the right place to be when shopping for plasma balls.

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Plasma Ball

The Contents of the Plasma Ball

The plasma ball contains 3 noble or inert gases plus a high-frequency alternating electrode in the centre. These 3 gases are:

  • Neon
  • Argon
  • Xenon

When you touch the glass ball, the electricity discharges to form lightning-like filaments.

The plasma ball is an excellent gift for teens and science geeks. Buy your plasma balls at Mr Toys today!



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