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If you are looking for plastic motorcycle model kits, then go no further! You will find everything you want here in this webpage. You will be delighted to see a variety of motorcycle models you may not be able to find in other toy shops. The sets include all the necessary items you need to assemble the models – even the tools required to complete the assembly. Whether it’s a chopper or a dirt bike you want to build, Mr Toys has you covered! We carry a large assortment of toy replicas of motorbikes from well-known brands such as (but not limited to) Honda, Harley, Kawasaki, and even those vintage brands that are sometimes hard to find. You name it and we probably have just what you are looking for!

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Plastic Motorcycles Models

Do You Enjoy Building Models of Dirt Bikes and Choppers?

Are you a motorbike enthusiast? Do you find it enjoyable to collect buildable toy models of real-life vehicles, particularly motorcycles? If you are an avid motorcyclist and, at the same time, a toy hobbyist who likes to build replicas of grandiose bikes, then this is your place! We have all the motorbike models you’ve been searching since you started the hobby. Mr Toys carries a large selection of motorcycle models from various manufacturers, which includes Suzuki, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Tamiya, Hasegawa, Yamaha, and Revell among many other brands.

What Do You Get if You Are Into Building Motorbike Models?

Some people are asking what model building enthusiasts benefit from this hobby. Well, if you ask those who have been doing it for many years, you will likely hear a variety of reasons. However, you can summarise them into the following:

  • You get to learn simple automotive engineering. You may not be building the real thing, but it allows you to understand the mechanisms and principles of how the machine is built and how it runs.
  • You can be busy during your idle hours. Simply put, it’s a great pastime and it keeps your mind active allowing you to train your patience, dexterity, and problem solving skills.
  • It’s cheaper than the real thing! This definitely applies if you dream about owning those high-end yet expensive motorbikes. Collecting the replicas is the next best thing.
  • It’s easier and safer to do. Of course, you cannot deny that assembling and riding a real chopper involves great effort and risk.
  • It builds your self-esteem. Building motorbike models is work in itself, and finishing the job is satisfying to one’s spirit. A collection of motorcycle models is a great way to showcase your talent to people.

Now, don’t let yourself be left behind! Make motorcycle model building and collecting your hobby, and buy your exciting sets here at Mr Toys.



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