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Arts and crafts are one of the fun activities people do during childhood. With arts and crafts, children can express their creativity and imagination. What better arts and crafts kids can play with to harness their creative skills than with modelling toys such as Play-Doh. Mr Toys has Play-Doh and lots of modelling toys for your child to enjoy. Play-Doh is an educational toy that allows kids to practice and showcase their artistic skills. It is the classic modelling compound that is safe for children to play with. Play-Doh has been the favourite modelling toy across many generations. You can choose to buy the Play-Doh sets with extrusion tools that will help children create realistic copies of everyday objects. Give your child the opportunity to bring their creative ideas to life by buying them Play-Doh – also available in special sets!

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Play-Doh And Dough

Play-Doh: The Iconic Brand of Educational Modelling Toys and Kits

Do you remember sitting at a small table with your playmates, and each of you were trying to sculpt a masterpiece out of Play-Doh? Play-Doh has created wonderful memories of our childhood and many people fondly remember what their first Play-Doh masterpieces are. This famous arts and crafts modelling toy is a great tool to harness a child’s creativity while allowing for a fun playtime experience.

What Was Play-Doh Originally Used For?

Did you know that Play-Doh was originally created to be a wallpaper cleaner back in the 1930s? The makers later discovered that their supposed “wallpaper cleaner” could be a great modelling compound. Fortunately, they re-designed it to be a plaything for kids. In the 1950s, it got re-worked and marketed as an educational toy – and thus the Play-Doh that we know today was born.

What Was the Original Colour of Play-Doh?

Less than a year from the time it was first sold as an off-white modelling compound, Play-Doh eventually branched out to multiple colours. It continues to expand and evolve into the rainbow modelling toy that we know and love.

Why is Play-Doh Safe for Children to Play with?

Play-Doh is the modelling toy that is perfect for kids because of its non-toxic features – and they don’t stain on clothes and walls – you need not worry much if you are the parent!

However, don’t think for a minute that Play-Doh is only for kids. When you buy Play-Doh, you may want to consider picking up an extra container or 2, because you might find yourself tempted by nostalgia and the stress relief that comes with squeezing, pressing, pulling, and kneading a great-smelling gob of Play-Doh. Just don’t be jealous if your child’s work of art is vastly superior to yours.

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