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Mr Toys is happy to provide you with a fantastic selection of pogo sticks or pogo toys. Pogo sticks are great toys for hopping, jumping, and bouncing. Children who love the exhilaration of outdoor play will enjoy the up and down motion that pogo toys provide. Pogo sticks are not only fun to play with, they are also great tools for exercising and burning those extra calories. Hopping with a pogo toy is an enjoyable exercise for kids of every age. Keep your child happy and healthy by giving them a pogo stick today. Browse below and buy a pogo toy now!

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Get Your Child Hopping with a Pogo Toy

The pogo stick or pogo toy is the perfect toy to introduce toddlers the fun of hopping, jumping, bouncing, and balancing.

Our full range of pogo sticks include soft bungee cord handle stretches to accommodate any height. We also have pogo toys that feature a foam base which supports up to 250 pounds.

Pogo sticks provide lots of fun for kids while giving them the opportunity to exercise and get physically active. Pogo toys also help in building core strength, stability, and confidence as they balance their bodies while jumping.

To ensure the safety of your child, have them wear a helmet whenever they play with their pogo stick. It’s time to get your child hopping and jumping safely with a pogo toy from Mr Toys today!



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