What Kids Can Learn from Pokemon and Where to Buy Booster Packs for Sale

If your child seems obsessed with the Pokemon trading card game, they’re not alone. Millions of kids have a blast collecting cards, trading with their friends, and playing this popular game. However, it’s more than just a hobby. There are plenty of benefits of playing the Pokemon trading card game – here are a few of them.

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Thinking skills

The Pokemon trading card game is a board game. As such, it offers many of the same advantages of any board game, such as the development of cognitive skills. Each player has a deck of 60 cards to play. One deck contains three types of cards: Pokemon, trainer, and energy. New players typically begin with prepared decks, while long-time enthusiasts can buy Pokemon booster packs and create their own. With hundreds of Pokemon species and thousands of unique Pokemon card types, it takes quite a lot of thinking and learning to build your best deck and anticipate your opponents’ weaknesses and strengths.


This game is an excellent opportunity for kids to practice their mental arithmetic. Adding, subtracting, and multiplying hit points are necessary parts of the game, and kids get better and better at this the more they play. Pokemon gives them a fun way to learn and practice their skills. It also teaches kids about probability as they calculate the odds of choosing a specific card.


Like math, practicing reading can be a challenge for kids who don’t enjoy it. Although each Pokemon card doesn’t contain that many words, some of the words can be tricky, such as immensely, overwhelming, and resistance.


Pokemon is a trading card game, meaning that players trade cards. When they make a trade, they must determine what makes a fair deal in relation to what they’re prepared to give up for a card they want. It’s helpful to learn the art of negotiation, and the Pokemon trading card game is an ideal way for children to begin mastering the concept.

Friendly competition

The Pokemon trading card game offers the opportunity to win and lose, to experience healthy competition, and to practice good sportsmanship. They’ll quickly learn that cheaters and sore losers (and sore winners) aren’t going to be welcome at games.

A screen-free activity

Kids are so plugged in today that it’s becoming less and less common for them to get involved in activities that don’t take place in front of some screen. The Pokemon trading card game gives them a screen-free alternative, another way to spend time besides automatically turning to the Internet.

Where to buy Pokemon booster packs

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