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There is More to Pokémon Cards than Meets the Eye

When the Pokémon franchise was first introduced to worldwide consumers back in the nineties, it became an overnight hit. Since then, the Pokémon name has expanded to include multiple video games, a television series, various full length movies, a world of toys and merchandise, and an expansive trading card game. Kids love the trading cards, as they serve as both a collecting hobby and a competitive sport. Pokémon cards feature characters and themes from the show and video games, and there are a myriad of different cards to collect and play with. The trading card game can be played individually or with multiple teams- either way, the goal is to knock your opponent(s) out of play by besting them with strategy and superior cards.

As a young child, your little Pokémon fan may only want the cards to enjoy seeing the detailed illustrations of his or her favourite characters. At its basic level, the card game is very simple, so you can even teach a younger child how to play. While they may not be able to master the more advanced tactics, even the simple strategies help children exercise their brains. When they get older, you can buy them more Pokémon cards to add to their collection and help them understand the deeper workings of the game. Playing the card game is similar to playing chess, but with an element of chance mixed in. The game is also much better at training the brain than a popular board game like Candyland.


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