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When there's a job to do and stakes are high, 10-year-old Rusty Rivets improvises his way out of every jam with his wild, fun, and genius inventions. Join Rusty Rivets, Ruby, and Botasaur as they use technology to solve problems by shopping for Rusty Rivets toys and playsets here at Mr Toys Toyworld! The DIY culture of today is the inspiration for the Rusty Rivets show, a 3D CGI animated series for preschool audiences. Rusty, along with his best friend Ruby and his robot dinosaur invention Botasaur, looks for parts and other objects to come up with the wildest and coolest devices around. See your child become like Rusty who uses his imagination and resourcefulness to save the day when the need arises. Buy Rusty Rivets toys and playsets for your child today!

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Rusty Rivets

What’s Great about Rusty Rivets?

The Rusty Rivets show encourages kids to use their imaginations to create their own gadgets and inventions. With Rusty Rivets toys and playsets, children can imitate and re-create the many times Rusty solved problems and saved the day with his imagination and resourcefulness.

In the show, Rusty is joined by his best bud Ruby and dino-robot sidekick Botasau to invent and innovate their way out of every jam by re-purposing spare parts and found objects into the most awesome contraptions ever. The show’s concept is modelled after the Maker Movement, an umbrella movement of independent inventors, designers, and tinkerers representing a technology-based extension of the DIY culture.

What Good Qualities Can Kids Learn from Rusty Rivets?

Children who watch the Rusty Rivets show can learn and follow Rusty Rivets good qualities, such as:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Creativeness
  • Brimming with ideas and using them for good
  • Youthful enthusiasm
  • Critical thinking
  • Kind-heartedness

Where to Find the Best Range of Rusty Rivets Toys and Playsets in Australia

Parents can buy their children the best selection of Rusty Rivets toys and playsets here at Mr Toys Toyworld. You can shop online right here or you can visit any of our stores across Australia today.
Kids will have fun playing with their favourite vehicles and characters for the Rusty Rivets show, like Botasaur, Ruby, and Rusty Rivets himself. Inspire your child to be resourceful and creative like Rusty Rivets by buying them Rusty Rivets toys and playsets now!



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