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Playing in the sand is fun for kids of all ages. Our selection of Sandpits and Sandboxes will provide your child a clean Sandpit for playtime. We have an assortment of Sandpits and Sandboxes that have covers to keep water, bugs, and other dirt out of the clean sand. You can buy a small or large plastic Clam Sand Pit or a Kan-i Metal Digger for digging holes in their sandpit. Your child will have hours of fun making sand castles, building roads for their toy cars, and much more. Shop today and find out how Mr Toys saves you both time and money with discounted prices.

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Why You Should Buy a Sandpit for Your Children

The sandpit is a classic outdoor toy that is loved by kids all over the world. You can choose to either have an in-ground or an above-ground pit. While both are great options, the former is usually more expensive and carries with it the disadvantage of immobility (you will not be able to take it with you if you move). An above-ground pit, however, is much cheaper and easy to move based on weather or housing situations. It can also be sold when your kids get older. You can buy a sandbox at many major toy stores throughout Australia; the trick is to find a store that has the best price on sandpits and/or sand. You could also buy one online and have it shipped directly to your house.

Being outside is important for children- they need to be in the sun and have an activity that inspires imagination and creativity. A sandpit will encourage your child to play outside more, because with the right combination of buckets and trowels, a sandbox can become a portal to any world that your child can dream up. An ancient castle or an alien planet will be right in your backyard once you get your sandbox, so buy one for your children today and be prepared to watch them play for years to come. Unlike some other toys, there is a very little danger associated with sandpits. Just make to watch younger children closely to ensure that they’re not doing anything with the sand that they shouldn’t be doing!



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