Buy Shopkins Toys and Playsets

Children who love collecting small figurines and little replicas of shopping items are going to love Shopkins. The adorable little Shopkins toys are inspired by popular items you can buy in stores – things like ketchup, sugar packs, mayonnaise, other condiments, bags, home accessories, and many others. The things you can shop in the grocery are also the stuff your child can play and have fun with – in miniaturised form – and this is made possible by Shopkins! Like many collectable toys, Shopkins toys and playsets come in a succession of series and a variety of rarities. You and your little one can start your collection with a Shopkins double pack, or you can get a Shopkins 12-pack that might just give you and your child the chance to find some cool Shopkins rarities. Grab a Shopkins toy or playset and start collecting now!