Children who love collecting small figurines are going to love the Shopkins. These adorable little figurines are inspired by popular items you can buy in stores. There is even one called Tommy Ketchup. Like many collectible figurine toys, these come in a variety of rarities and series. You can get your little one started slowly with a double pack, or you can get her a twelve pack that might just give her the chance to find a couple of rare ones.

These little figurines are more than just collectible though. Your little one will have a blast showing off and playing with their Shopkins in the three adorable playsets available. You can get them the Small Mart, the Spin Mix Bakery Stand, or the Fruit & Veg Stand to help them store and display their adorable little figurines. Does your little one want to take them on the go? Get her the Shoppin' Cart, and she can wheel her little figurines around in the shops that inspired them.

At Mr Toys, you can find the three playsets and more. We also have a Vending Machine Storage Tin, perfect for your little one to keep her adorable figurines safe. Not only do we have a storage tin, but we offer a shopping basket with two random figurines inside. Browse Mr Toys today, and get your little collector the Shopkins she's been longing for.

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Are you Ready for Big Adventure? Where to Buy Shopkins Online

Grocery shopping has never been more fun! Your child enjoys a big adventure in the small world of the tiny Shopkins. These super small and grocery-themed collectable toys are mini-replicas of every item in the grocery store. Crafted with exquisite details to delight kids of all ages as they imagine shopping and stocking their very own supermarket.  Each authentic design resembles actual supermarket store items and offers a non-stop shopping experience for girls, boys or adults who love to collect toys.

With over 140 distinct characters, these whimsical figurines encourage collecting, trading and imaginative play time.  At Mr Toys, we have a vast selection of the Shopkins products online. When you want to buy the whimsical pieces of Shopkins online, look no further than Mr Toys. We offer customer service 24 hours a day and are always available to assist you with your questions.

Buy Shopkins Toys and Teach Kids to Share, Shop and More!

Shopkins are miniature versions of items you would find in a grocery or drug store.  Each one of the cute and collectable Shopkins characters has been created with care and brings average grocery store items to life, encouraging kids to share, trade and play.  The small characters fit comfortably into tiny hands and offer many fun items to choose from such as vegetables, fruits, dairy and even dessert items. There are also shopping carts, bread items, and even sundries such as makeup and other toiletries.

Also, you aren't limited with Shopkins as we offer various differently sized playsets and packs for your selection. You can add to your collection and even carry them all in a handy carrying case for ease of transport and simple clean-up.

Go Grocery Shopping and Buy Shopkins Online at Mr Toys

When you start any collection, it’s fun to keep track of the items you have and the ones you aspire to buy.  When you’re collecting the Shopkins line of products, you can utilise the unique Shopkins’ collector's guidebook to track your purchases and desires.
The guides resemble an authentic shopping list in keeping with the grocery theme of the collection.  As you select Shopkins online, you can check off each item just as though you're checking your individual purchases in the grocery store.

Also, there are several different categories of Shopkins to choose from, including the standard figures as well as the Special Edition pieces. Each piece in the set has its unique finish to determine the category to which it belongs.  There are Glitter Shopkins, Frozen Shopkins and even a Metallic set.  No matter which Shopkins characters you want to buy online, visits Mr Toys for the very best selection. As Australia's premier toy store, we are proud to provide an avenue for you to add to your toy collection and delight your child with the latest toys and collectables.

Let us help you 24 hours a day.  Call us on 1300 MR TOYS and ask about our many shipping areas to include Australia wide as well as shipping to international locales like the UK, USA and more.




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