Buy SmarTrike STR5 Stroller-Trikes

Introducing the STR trikes by SmarTrike, the world’s first strollers that can transform into tricycles! The STR5 model starts out as a stroller designed for babies as young as 9 months and grows with your child in 3 stages, finally turning into a fully independent trike. The STR5 stroller-trike has an effortless one-handed steering feature, and can fold from stroller to trike in seconds – without the need for tools – just a few clicks and you’re ready to roll! It also has shock absorbers that provide the smoothest ride and protect your child from obstacles along the way. STR5 allows you to take control or give your kids control of the trike with the press of a button. Shop for STR5 stroller-trikes at Mr Toys now!