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Meet the Smooshy Mushys! They are always stuck in sticky situations. Smooshys are mischievous pets that need their BESTIES to pull them out. Is your child ready to be a bestie to these cute little plushies? So many surprises await the kids with Smooshy Mushy. They are so sweet and fun that you will want to squish them any moment of the day. Every fine Smooshy Mushy toy is loaded with sweet-smelling, super slow-rise, and extra squishy surprises. Always handle with care and remember to share. Each set in the series includes one scented pet and a “bestie” food item for the pet. There are 24 food-themed Smooshy Mushy pets to collect. Shop for Smoosy Mushys at Mr Toys now and start your collection of these squishy toys today!

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Smooshy Mushy

Oh so Smooshy, Oh so Squishy!

Smooshy Mushy by RedwoodVentures is the newest collectable craze full of exciting, scented, super slow-rising surprises! Smooshy Mushy toys include collectable pets, besties, and bentos. They are the cutest, scented, and super slow-rising squishy pets and besties around. Join the Smooshy Squad and collect them all!

The Smooshy Story

During the day, the town of Smooshyville is a lot like other towns. There are people, cars, hustle and bustle — everything you’d expect in a town like yours.

When the town goes to sleep, however, the pets from the local animal shelter sneak out with mischief on their minds. No one knows how or when it started, but these adorable little tricksters have been finding trouble for a while now (of course, sometimes trouble finds them.)

Their favourite hangout is a food factory called Smooshy Mushy Industries. (Animals + unlimited food, you do the math!) It’s here that some squishy treats fill their tummies, while others have filled their hearts.
That’s right — certain special food items have become besties with the Smooshys. From doughnuts to pancakes and French fries, the fabulous, foodilicious friends are always ready to share a smile for an adventure. But most importantly, they help the Smooshys get out of some pretty sticky situations.

Here are some of the types of Smooshys you can collect:

  • Pets
  • Besties
  • Bentos
  • Frozen Delights
  • Babies
  • Air Besties
  • Minis
  • Baby Besties

There are so many surprises to enjoy! Start collecting Smooshy Mushys from Mr Toys today.



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