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The Spirograph is a drawing tool that allows you to create all the unique designs you want. Our range of Spirograph kits are excellent gifts for aspiring artists. If drawing and art-making are hobbies that you and your child enjoy, it’s paramount that you own a Spirograph set in your home. Creativity is just around the corner when you have a Spirograph – and you can buy it here at Mr Toys! The sets come with durable cases for easy storage. Draw and design your masterpieces with Mr Toys’ assortment of Spirograph kits and accessories. Shop now and enjoy your creative moments with your little artist today!

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About the Original Spirograph

Since its release in 1965, the Spirograph® has given aspiring artists of all ages the opportunity to create intricate and amazing designs. It was originally made as a drafting tool by Denys Fisher, a mechanical engineer by profession. The first Spirograph sets comprise distinctive wheels and rings that ingeniously combine art and mathematics into one. The Spirograph has delighted kids and budding artists for generations and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Amazing Spirograph Sets for Creative Kids

Are you looking for a sure-fire way to get your children creative and artistic? Our Spirograph kits and accessories are perfect for the job! Drawing and designing are more entertaining when you draw with Spirograph tools from Mr Toys.

Experience the magic of intricate patterns and share the joy of art to your kids by drawing and designing magnificent visuals using our Spirograph kits. Be prepared to be proud of your child’s work! You will be surprised at how great they are at being an artist.
Drawing with the Spirograph also helps children with regards to their cognitive development, creativity, artistry, mathematical intuitions, and analytical skills.

Buy your child a cool Spirograph kit from Mr Toys, and see you child create fantastic drawings that will amaze you and the entire family!




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