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Spy Toys turn your child's playtime into a covert operation. Our vast assortment of Spy Toys transforms your child into a secret agent. We offer you a variety of Spy toys, including the Spy Gear Motion Traps and Spy Watch. Your child can record the conversations from enemy camps to save their pretend country. When you buy Spy Toys online from Mr Toys Toyworld, you get our exceptional customer service, discount prices, and shipping to your Australian home. We also have awesome toy stores with products in stock for your immediate purchase.

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Playing Spy Calls for Awesome Gadgets

What young boy has not dreamed about becoming the world’s top secret agent hero, someone like James Bond or maybe even Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt? Part of becoming a top secret spy involves learning how to use all of the different gadgets and spy toys. From miniature cameras to intricate recording devices, spies use all kinds of really interesting devices to help them apply the crafts of their trade. For kids to enjoy playing spy characters, they need authentic (seeming) gadgets.

There are several different spy toys available for the aspiring young secret agent.

Every young spy has got to have the cool sunglasses. They provide a suave look to the young spy, but they also serve another purpose. Rearview sunglasses allow the covert agents to see behind themselves so no one can sneak up on them. Along with the glasses, the young spy needs another good optical device like the pocket scope. Appearing to be a pen, the pocket scope is used to size up the enemy from long distances. Couple the pocket scope with a right angle viewer and the young spy can see anyone. With the right angle viewer, a secret agent can look around corners or other objects.

What is a top secret agent without the spy watch? Among spy toys, the watch might be the most important. Not only does it tell time, but it includes a vast array of other powers. It may include a camera for taking secret pictures. It may even include a recording device to record audio of the enemy’s plans. The spy watch is definitely one of the more important devices in the agent’s repertoire.



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