Squishy, squashy Squinkies packed inside toy bubbles are a favourite collectible play toy among kids age 4-11. Squinkies can be boy or girl themed and have their own playsets and jewellery line. Kids don't know what Squinkie they are going to find when they open their coloured bubble. We have theme packs for boys and girls as well as generic packs filled with a variety of Squinkies. Shop Mr Toys for all your squishy, squashy, Squinkies.

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Kids Love Squinkies!

If you haven’t heard of Squinkies, where have you been!  They rival Tickle Me Elmo when it comes to popularity and disappearance from store shelves.  These are plastic figurines in the shape of babies, puppies or kittens.  They have a spongy texture and are about one inch tall.  They are sold in small plastic bubbles reminiscent of toys that are dispensed from vending machines.  On their underside, they have holes that allow them to stick to the underside of accessories.

The key to the success of Squinkies is that kids collect and trade them.

Their popularity rivals that of Pokemon trading cards.  Squinkies are not only collectibles for kids, but kids have the ability to go online and track their collection.  Currently, there are two ways to display them.  The Palace Surprise stand has posts on which individual toys are displayed.  The Tote and Go is a transparent carrying case that houses the tiny toys in their plastic balls.

Beyond trading cards, Squinkies can be worn in a bracelet or ring.  On the bracelet, a child can wear several of these toys at once.  The ring allows the wearing of your favourite Squinkie one at a time.  Another key option contributing in the popularity of Squinkies is their ability to be worn as pencil toppers.

Surprise your kids today with these great little toys they will love playing with and showing off. Squinkies can be acquired Mr Toys’ convenient store locations or on their website.



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