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This social media sharing toy Stikbot from Zing,  you are going to see this little cute figurine frequent appearance all over the world. It (he? she?) explored the magnificent remains of the Khmer civilization in Cambodia, it climbed the Great Wall of China, it got on stage with Taylor Swift at her concert, it witnessed the court with Tom Brady for DeflateGate, and it ice skates, invades Pac-Man, washes windows, and eats candy bars!

Stikbot was created by Zing, the toy company famous for active play products encouraging kids to go out and play. With a step into the new arena with the launch of Stikbot, Zing wants to stimulate kids' creativity and imagination by providing an easy-to-pose figure and easy-to-use free app as basic tool to make a stop motion video anywhere they want. It opened the doors for kids, or even adults who have no idea how to do animation, stop motion, or even video.

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