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Ping-pong or table tennis is a great indoor sport that is both fun and healthy. Unlike other indoor games wherein you just sit and do very little movements, table tennis makes you move and sweat while you enjoy a friendly match with another player. It’s like a tennis game miniaturised so you can play it indoors. If you are intending to buy a table tennis set complete with all the necessary accessories such as the table, net, rackets, and ping-pong balls, go no further! Mr Toys has them all online and in-store. If it’s just a particular accessory you’re after, you can purchase it from us too. So fret no longer! Mr Toys will help you find the best table tennis sets and accessories you need for a fantastic game of table tennis inside your home or at your backyard today.

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Table Tennis

The Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

People who want to play tennis but cannot often opt to play table tennis instead. This is not surprising given that it’s easy to set-up and can be played indoors or even on the backyard. You don’t need a huge court to play. Yet, table tennis is not bereft of fun and healthy benefits. So what exactly do players gain from table tennis aside from the fun of playing?

  • It improves your concentration and alertness.
  • It stimulates mental velocity.
  • It trains you to think tactically.
  • It develops your hand-arm and eye coordination.
  • It makes you move, thereby providing the opportunity to exercise.
  • Because it’s a competitive game, it serves as a good platform to interact and socialise.

What Are the Equipment or Accessories You Need to Play Table Tennis?

To play table tennis, you will need the following sports equipment:

• Table tennis “table”

• Table tennis net and pole
• Table tennis rackets or paddles

• Ping-pong balls.

The good news is – they are all here at Mr Toys! You can buy them individually or as a complete set. So shop now and enjoy a satisfying game of table tennis with friends and family today!



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