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Get ready for some action with Dr Bruce Banner when he turns into the Incredible Hulk! The rampaging green monster is eager to smash and take on some evil villains who are up to no good. Is he a really a monster or a hero ready to bring justice as the gamma-powered giant and member of the Avengers? Unleash your child’s inner Avenger and join the Hulk in smashing and crashing the evil plans of Marvel’s most formidable villains. Shop for a wide range of Hulk toys, action figures, pop vinyls, and other exciting merchandise here at Mr Toys. See your child roar with the Incredible Hulk today!

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The Incredible Hulk

Who Is the Incredible Hulk?

When Dr Bruce Banner was unwittingly exposed to extreme doses of gamma radiation, he got imbued with powers no other human can imagine – but only when he turns into the Hulk. What’s unique about this superhero is that he is reluctant in becoming the Hulk, a green-skinned giant with the rage of a rampaging monster. Dr Banner only becomes the Hulk when he is stressed and angry. Once he is the Hulk, he loses control and totally transforms into a different person altogether.

While many see him as a monster, he is a hero who protects the innocent and destroys the evil plans of criminal masterminds whenever he encounters them. Because of this, he was recruited as one of the original members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers!

What Are the Hulk’s Known Powers?

The Hulk’s powers come from gamma rays, making him one of the strongest characters of the Marvel Universe. Here are his known powers and abilities:

Super Strength

The Hulk is one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe. His physical strength is believed to be limitless, given that it grows exponentially as his emotional distress grows. His superhuman strength makes him a frightening creature whom not many can fight against.


The Hulk’s super strength allows him to run at great speed and leap exceptionally high and at long distances, enabling him to travel to far flung places. When he claps his hands, he can also create destructive shockwaves.


The Hulk’s skin has high resistance to any kind of physical damage, making him impenetrable. He can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and many forms of harmful gases including poisons.


Hulk also has the extraordinary capability to regenerate when he gets wounded. He can re-grow damaged tissues, limbs, or even organs in seconds.

Intelligence (as Dr Bruce Banner)

When he is not the Hulk, Dr Bruce Banner’s power lies in his brilliant mind. He is one of the world’s top scientists in nuclear physics, as well as other related disciplines. His intelligence allows him to think straight and be resourceful during battle.

Where to Shop for Incredible Hulk Toys?

If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, then you’ll definitely love our wide variety of Hulk toys, action figures, pop vinyls, and other items related to this popular Marvel superhero. Buy now at Mr Toys and start your collection of Hulk toys today!



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