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Whenever disaster strikes, International Rescue answers the call! From their hidden island base in the south Pacific, the 5 Tracy brothers pilot remarkable, cutting-edge Thunderbird vehicles from the depths of the oceans to the highest reaches of space – all for one purpose: to help others in need. Now, children and toy hobbyists can have fun re-living the Thunderbirds legacy with a selection of action figures and toy vehicles. The heroism of the Thunderbirds continues to this day and your can re-create their many great adventures and rescue missions by collecting Thunderbirds action figures and toy vehicles from Mr Toys. Don’t left get behind from the bandwagon and buy Thunderbirds toys from Mr Toys Toyworld today!

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The Thunderbirds’ Legacy

The Thunderbirds are a team of rescue specialists under the so called International Rescue, an organisation whose members’ identities are not widely known. Their story is set in the year 2060. The Thunderbirds’ heroism is legendary. Even the devious schemes of mysterious international criminal “The Hood” cannot weaken their resolve, or stop them from battling the dangers of their futuristic era.

Supported by mechanical genius Brains, stealthy operative Kayo, their jet-setting London agent Lady Penelope and her loyal driver Parker, the brothers Tracy brothers live out their motto:

Thunderbirds are go!

The Thunderbirds and Their Allies

Scott Tracy : Scott rises to every challenge with boldness and bravery you would expect from a Tracy brother.

Virgil Tracy : Like his Thunderbird 2 vehicle, Virgil is the biggest and strongest among the brothers.

Alan Tracy : Alan is a typical teenager and the only thing he loves more than sleep is flying Thunderbird 3 (he even dreams about it).

Gordon Tracy : International Rescue's very own aquanaut, Gordon Tracy is most at home below sea level using his Thunderbird 4.

John Tracy : John's ability to multitask while staying cool under pressure makes him the ideal head of the Space Command Communications and Dispatch of International Rescue.

Lady Penelope and Parker : Influential socialite Lady Penelope is International Rescue's secret agent; Parker is her bodyguard and driver.

Grandma Tracy : She’s the heart and soul of the Tracy family and the matriarch of Tracy Island.

Brains : He is the genius behind International Rescue, designing all of the vehicles and equipment that make their work possible.

Kayo Kyrano : An expert in the Wing Chun form of Kung Fu, Kayo can more than hold her own with the boys – not even Virgil can match her in close combat.

The Thunderbirds’ Villains

The Hood : A master of disguise, the Hood is equally satisfied taking matters into his own hands or sending a minion off to do his dirty work.

The Chaos Crew : Consisting of siblings Fuse and Havod, the Chaos Crew was assembled by the Hood with the goal of causing as much as chaos as possible.

So if you have been longing to have the Thunderbirds as part of your toy collection, then what are you waiting for? Shop for Thunderbirds action figures and toy vehicles at Mr Toys now!



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