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Top Wing is an action-adventure series for kids that follows a team of eager young birds training at the Top Wing Academy. Bring the adventures of Swift, Penny, Rod, and Brody to life with this new line of Top Wing themed toys! See your child travel to Big Swirl Island, a place all inhabited by birds, and fly around helping the community with the Top Wing cadets and Mentor Sally. Our range of Top Wing toys, figures, vehicles, and plushies will allow your child to play out the stories from the confines of the telly into the realm of realistic imagination. Top Wing is a value-oriented show for pre-schoolers that is sure to find its way to every child’s heart. Witness your little one take on different missions rescuing those in need while learning life’s important lessons. Buy them Top Wing toys from Mr Toys today!

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Top Wing

What Top Wing Is All About

The story of Top Wing is about a group of friends attending the Top Wing Academy to train as cadets. Here they study, practice, and learn what it takes to gain their flying wings and become fully pledged rescue birds of Big Swirl Island, the place where they live together with other fellow birds. The group comprises the following members:

Swift – a blue jay who is known to be the fastest pilot in the academy. His signature colour is blue.

Penny – a penguin who happens to be the only female in the group; she is also an expert on undersea life. Her signature colour is pink.

Brody – a puffin who takes a more land approach on things, but loves to fly with the waves over and on. His signature colour is green.

Rod – a rooster who likes to fly around Big Swirl Island in his all-terrain vehicle; he is also the comedian of the group. His signature colour is red.

The 4 friends are trained and guided by their mentor Speedy, who helps the cadets on their different missions. He is the academy’s ace instructor who pilots the HQ Command Flyer.

Aside from the cadets and their mentor, there is Bea, the girl mechanic, who helps Speedy at the HQ Command Flyer and the 2 baby chicks, Chirp and Cheep.

If you’re looking for toys, plushies, action figures, and accessories related to Top Wing and its characters, then you’ve come to the right place! Mr Toys has an amazing selection of all things Top Wing. Top Wing has all the signature elements of a top toy property, with great characters, preschool-friendly themes, and hi-tech gadgets and vehicles – stuffs that make a show a favourite among many kids.



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