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Train sets light up the eyes of practically every child when they see the engineer roaring around the tracks. Our selection of Trains and Trains sets at bargain prices allow you to buy your child the train of their dreams. We carry stock of wooden train table train sets. You can buy starter sets and add trains and pieces over time. Your child can build their very own train city to show their friends. Our online shop offers home delivery across Australia and prices that beat other train shops' sale prices.

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Trains and Train Sets

How to Choose the Perfect Train Sets

A toy train is a classic item for children, and is perhaps one of the most beloved types of toys for grandparents, parents and children alike. When it comes to train sets, there are a huge number of options available, but there are some basic considerations that should be in kept in mind, before purchasing a toy train and the accompanying accessories. The first, and most important consideration when purchasing toy trains is the age of the person who will be using the set. Young children typically don’t need sets that are as elaborate or ornate as a set that an adult collector might use.

The next consideration when looking at toy trains is the size of the set. Some sets are large, and meant to be displayed on a permanent basis, which is more appropriate for an older collector. Other sets are smaller, and great for children as toys. These smaller sets can be broken down more easily and stored more efficiently, making them ideal for playrooms or children’s rooms.

The third consideration when thinking about purchasing train sets is the scale of the set. Smaller scale sets are often ideal for collectors, and generally have very small, detailed parts. For younger children, or if you’re looking for a set that will be just used for entertainment or as a true toy, a larger scale set may be best. If a child is very young, smaller parts will be lost and can potentially present a choking hazard.

Regardless of the type of set chosen, trains are timeless and provide years of enjoyment for many children and adults.



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