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Megatron's destruction by Optimus Prime and his banishment to the desert was not the beginning of peace as he had hoped. The escape of Starscream brought new Decepticons to Earth. Now, with the help of Ironhide and his knowledge of weapons, he must defend Earth and rid it of the Decepticons. In order to do this, Optimus must find Barricade, scout for the Decepticons, and find out what he knows. Bumblebee (everyone's favourite!) will be a great asset in helping with this mission; however, he is currently protecting Sam Witwicky from the Decepticons. You can find these and other Transformer toys in store or online at Mr Toys. Engage your child's imagination for hours with the characters, their weapons, and vehicles from the Transformer’s toy lineup.


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How to Find Amazing Transformers Toys in Australia

Some of the hottest toys on the market today are Transformers. Since the successful franchise has had three successful blockbuster movies with a fourth being slated for release in 2014, there seems to be no end to the Transformers toys that are hitting the market. When you walk into any toy store, you will surely see Transformers toys and if you have children, they probably want these toys. However, these toys tend to sell quickly and you may not be able to find the Transformers toys you need. Luckily there are some things you can do in order to find Transformers toys in Brisbane and throughout Australia for your children.

Choose to Buy Transformers Online

One of the best ways to find the exact Transformers toy that your child wants is to buy Transformers online. You will find that the widest selection of toys will be on the internet as online toy stores can often carry more inventory than traditional retail toy stores. It will be very simple to type in the name of a particular Transformers action figure and get many results. In a normal toy store, it isn’t always that simple. You may have to walk up and down several rows of toys then search through many action figures to find the one you want. If you can’t find it, you will then need to ask a salesperson for assistance. By the time you have walked into a store and found the toy section you need, you could have already bought your Transformer toy online and moved on to another task.

Ask Around for Hard to Find Transformers Toys Throughout Australia

If you don’t want to shop online, you can certainly find many great Transformers toys in retail stores like Mr Toys Toyworld, if you don’t mind the search for the particular toys. If you have a hard to find toy that you are looking for, you may need to ring several toy stores to find out if they have the toy in their inventory. If this is the case, when you find a store that has the toy, you may be able to have them hold it until you can get to the store to purchase it.

If you still cannot find rare Transformers toys in shops, you can also try online classified ads or postings though you will likely only have luck if you are buying collectable Transformer toys.

Stick to Toy Stores over Department Stores for Transformers Toy Sale Items

For the best selection, variety and prices try shopping at your local Queensland toy stores. Though department stores in the area may carry Transformer toys, you may not find the best selection of toys there. There is no doubt about it, the toy stores will be your best choice when it comes to finding the greatest Transformers toys.

Shopping for Transformers toys is something that many parents will have to do at some point in their child’s life. Even if their own child isn’t a fan, there are other children, like friends, nieces and nephews who may also love Transformers. As you now know how to find amazing Transformers , you should have no problems finding these popular toys in the future.



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