Trash Pack

What surprise does your Trash Pack have waiting? You won't know until you take the lid off your garbage can. Trash Pack and other series blister packs hold surprise Trash Pack creatures you can collect and trade with friends. Kids can use the included identification poster to see which Trash Pack creatures they need and which ones they have. Trash Pack mini figures are all garbage-related mini-figures. You can buy any of the six series from our selection; we have Bin-sects, Bin Critters, Bin-fections, Bin Monsters, Hard Rubbish and the Grubz. Your child will love collecting these Trashie Critters.

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Trash Pack

Trash Pack

Trash Pack Toys Make Garbage...Fun?

The Trash Pack is a group of delightfully gross little creatures that come from the garbage. There are over 100 different miniature collectibles available. Some are more rare than others, making it fun for kids to try to collect them all by buying packs of 5 or 12 figurines and then trading with their friends.

The original series of Trash Pack characters, aka Trashies, can be grouped into six categories: Bin-Fections, the Grubz, Bin-Sects, Bin Critters, Hard Rubbish, and Bin Monsters. Later series releases included new categories like Astro Trash and Movie Trash. In every series, the soft rubber figurines are based on a particular trash item gone horribly bad in the noxious atmosphere of Trash Town. For example, a discarded tissue box becomes the character Snotten, while canned goods become Crud Cans and cardboard containers become Rott Boxes. Typical garbage dump pests like Blow Fly, Germ Worm, Mucky Maggot, Bin Pig, Smelly Mouse and Scabby Cat are also well represented.

Each creature comes in three different colour combinations, corresponding to different levels of rarity. That seems a little like cheating, but oh well. Kids will still want to collect them all!

Recently, the Trash Pack has boosted its appeal to collectors by introducing collectible trading cards. Other merchandise includes various sizes of plastic trash cans and collectors' cases to house the Trashies. There is even a Muck Truck play set for corralling all those pesky Trashies and sending them back to Trash Town. Get your Trashies today at Mr Toys!

Buy Trash Packs Online to Make Sure You Collect Them All

Kids love gross stuff, and their toys are no exception. There is just something amusing about the uncultured, unrefined, and the downright filthy. Trash Packs are hilariously disgusting and collectible miniature toys that are sure to be a hit with your child, if they aren’t already. This is a line of toys, trading cards, and other neat collectibles that portray many different dirty characters. These are some of the most popular toys out there. 

Series One Trash Packs in Brisbane and Sydney first became available in 2011. Series Two was released in February of 2012. Series Three was the first series of Trash Packs to contain trading cards – now they all do. The Series Four “Trashies” glow in the dark. And, most recently, Series Five appeared with its oozing toilet cans, bags of goo, and new Trashies such as Sewer Trash, Frozen Trash, and School Trash. The trading cards now in every Trash Pack come in different varieties, such as Glow, Holographic, and Limited Edition. Fortunately, you buy Trash Packs online from Mr Toys and choose from all of these different options. 

What You Need to Know About The Trash Pack

The Trashies themselves are a diverse bunch. The “Grubz” are all made of spoiled food and sport terrible-wonderful names like “Foul Nugget” and “Putrid Pizza.” Another group of Trashies is the “Hard Rubbish.” These guys are made of inedible garbage. This group includes the likes of “Smelly Sock” and “Puke Pod.” The “Bin-Sects” is a pretty self-explanatory name. “Sour Snail” and “Germ Worm” belong to this group. The “Bin Critters” are larger vermin, such as “Trash Rat” and “Scabby Cat.” The next group is the “Bin-Fections.” This lovely group contains (hopefully) “Moo Cow Disease” and “Flesh Eating Virus.” In addition to all of these, there are some Trashies which don’t belong to a group but are exclusive limited edition Trashies. 
There are many different play sets and accessories that go with Trash Packs. Besides the Trashies, there are Garbage Trucks, Street Sweepers, and Junk Trucks – each more slimy and maggoty than the last. And don’t forget the trading cards – and the cool collectors’ tins in which to keep them. 

Buying Trash Packs in Brisbane, Sydney, or Online 

Trash Packs make great stocking stuffers and other gifts. If you’d like to buy Trash Packs in Sydney or Brisbane, consider one of the many convenient Mr Toys locations, or buy Trash Packs online. Mr Toys has many Trash Packs available at great prices. Their frequent specials and everyday deals make this a top choice for buying Trash Packs online. Mr Toys also has a convenient and simple ordering and checkout process to make your shopping experience a good one. 
Whether you are looking to buy Trash Pack Brisbane or Sydney or somewhere else, you can still buy the Trash Pack online and find everything you need. Your kids will love these and may even be a fun and nostalgic way to revisit your inner child. Get one to sit on your desk, or a whole slew to collect – it’s up to you to decide. Just have fun with these fabulously revolting toys.



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