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Is encyclopedia knowledge your thing? Are you interested in showing off your talent for fun facts and interesting trivia? If you are, then trivia quizzes and games will definitely excite you. It’s time to bring out your thinking hat and remember all those trivia pieces you’ve read, and heard on radio and TV. Mr Toys’ selection of trivia games and quizzes will challenge your predilection for facts and your knowledge about the world around you – from science, history, and politics to fashion, entertainment, and pop culture. Find out who’s the smart one in your family and friends. Grab a trivia game at Mr Toys and see who has the most knowledge about many things.

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Trivia Games – Are You Ready to Test Your Knowledge?

Everybody is a fan, so they say. But what are you a fan of? Are a you a movie buff? Maybe you love superheroes. Or maybe you’ve been following a particular TV series and you know everything about it from top to bottom. Whatever it is that you’re a fan of, we bet you can answer all the questions thrown at you about it.

Let’s put your knowledge to the test and play some trivia quizzes and games from Mr Toys. Whatever knowledge you have – whether you got it from school, heard from TV or radio, or read it from a book or magazine somewhere – our range of trivia games and quizzes will challenge every bit of information you know. But most importantly, it’s all about the fun and excitement you experience when you play together with family and friends.

What Makes Trivia Games So Exciting?

There are a variety of reasons why people can’t get enough of trivia games. We have listed down a few of them:

• Trivia games are all about what you know and are interested in.

• Trivia games allow you to show your friends how smart you are.

• Trivia games can make you well-informed.
• Trivia games provide great bonding moments for friends and family.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a trivia quiz game at Mr Toys and play with family and friends today!



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