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Welcome to Mr Toys’ page dedicated to the art and legacy of Vincent Van Gogh! For over a decade, Van Gogh created artworks that will astonish the world for many years to come. His works consisted of 1,000 drawings, 160 watercolours, 9 lithographs, an etching, and more than 900 paintings. In this section of our website, you will see jigsaw puzzles that give tribute to Van Gogh’s masterpieces such as the Starry Night, Wheat Fields, Cafe Terrace at Night, and Sunflowers among many others. Show your appreciation for Vincent Van Goghs’ endearing art by piecing together a Van Gogh jigsaw puzzle. Shop now at Mr Toys Toyworld!

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Van Gogh Jigsaw Puzzles

The Legend That Is Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh’s artistic legacy continues to influence many young artists around the world. We can see his enduring impact in today’s songs, movies, and other media.

Mr Toys gives tribute to his life and works by offering you a range of jigsaw puzzles depicting his many great masterpieces. Both jigsaw puzzle hobbyists and Van Gogh enthusiasts will greatly delight in our selection of Van Gogh jigsaw puzzles.

Fun Facts about Vincent Van Gogh

The name Vincent Van Gogh may be famous now but did you know it wasn’t so during his days? Here are some fun facts about the man credited for creating magnificent artworks many art-lovers and common folks adore.

  • Van Gogh only started painting at age 27.
  • In less than 10 years, Van Gogh painted almost 900 paintings.
  • Only one painting got sold during his lifetime.
  • He didn’t have commercial success with his work. Van Gogh only got recognised after his death.
  • Van Gogh lived his life as a person with mental illness.
  • His masterpiece “Starry Night” was completed in a mental asylum.
If you are awed by the life and artworks of Vincent Van Gogh, then you will find great delight when you piece together a jigsaw puzzle dedicated to one of his amazing masterpieces.
Buy Van Gogh jigsaw puzzles and begin your journey to artistic delight today!



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