Your child can create her own Winx Club by collecting all six members of the original Winx Club from the animated television series. She can enjoy going on magical adventures with Bloom, Flora, Aisha, Stella, Musa and Tecna by spending time with them here on Earth or traveling along with them to their own Magical Dimension. All dolls come with removable wings that let her transform from being a magical fairy to being a real girl. Your child will also receive a Collectible Club card with each Winx doll, so that she can access extra content online at the Winx Club website. Show More

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Introduce Children to a World of Magic with Winx Club Toys

Every child loves a world of whimsy and magic, and that’s just what children get with the Winx Club. The innovative Italian brand, became a household name after being introduce to worldwide television audiences.

The world of magic, particularly aimed toward children, has grown in recent years, with the explosion of series such as Harry Potter. In addition to Harry Pottery, other magic-themed children’s series, toys and movies have become incredibly popular. Winx is no exception, and introduces children to magical powers and a world of fantasy.

The Winx Club builds on the success on themes of franchise like Harry Potter, and gives children the opportunity to be transported to magical world, that includes the presence of fairies, witches, warriors and wizards, all existing in an alternate universe. The series and accompanying toys help children use their imagination, and become transplanted in a unique fictional world, where darkness battles against light.

These toys not only promote the enjoyment of magic and fantasy by children, but also encourage using creativity, during all activities, including playing with beloved character toys. In addition to providing children with the opportunity to experience action and fantasy, the series also incorporates humour into the series, making it a great way for children to explore a variety of aspects of interpersonal interactions.

The main characters of the incredibly popular Winx series include Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, and Layla. All of the main and supporting characters are available in various toy forms, suited for children in a variety of age groups.


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