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Wonder Woman is one of the most popular and iconic characters in the roster of DC Comics superheroes. For almost 80 years, she has carried the standard of truth, justice, and equality. An Amazon by heritage, Princess Diana of Themyscira (or Paradise Island) has come to the world of men as Wonder Woman to defend the powerless from oppression. She serves humanity as the champion of women and children. Fans and followers of Wonder Woman will love glossing over our huge assortment of Wonder Woman action figures, LEGO sets, plushies, games, and other toys. We also have Wonder Woman costumes and accessories such as her iconic tiara and magic lasso – perfect for cosplaying events and costume parties. Shower your little Wonder Woman with delight by shopping for Wonder Woman toys here at Mr Toys!

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What Characterises Wonder Woman from Other Superheroes?

Aside from being a woman, Wonder Woman is characterised to be beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swift as Hermes, and as strong as Hercules. Known by her Amazon sisters as Princess Diana, she left Paradise Island or Themiscira to become mankind’s hero of truth, justice, and equality.

What Are Wonder Woman’s Powers and Abilities?

As a superhero, Wonder Woman has super strength, agility, and stamina that not even the strongest man on earth can match. In some iterations, she also has the gift of flight. Yet, what really makes her a hero is her compassion for women and children and her propensity to defend the weak.

Aside from her powers and abilities, Wonder Woman carries a few other accessories and weapons to aid her during battle.
  • Magic tiara – when thrown like a Frisbee, it can debilitate and disarm her opponents.
  • Magic bracelets – which can shield her from incoming bullets.
  • Magic lasso – an indestructible rope used to capture opponents; anyone who comes in contact with it is bound to tell the truth.
  • Invisible jet – which she can use to transport herself and her allies to far flung places.

Looking for Some Great Wonder Woman Toys

You can find great Wonder Woman toys here at Mr Toys Toyworld. Our fantastic range includes action figures, plushies, LEGO sets, pop vinyls, key chains, costumes, and branded merchandise.



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