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YouTube is not lacking of channels and influencers that make reviews about various toys and games. Some YouTubers even promote the toys themselves, while others have trademarked new toys for kids and everyone to enjoy. That is why Mr Toys has dedicated a particular department just to showcase all these amazing products from popular YouTube channels, whether they be toy reviews or hit shows for kids. Excite your children to a fantastic selection of toys and other fun products from YouTube hits! Kids who love to watch YouTube videos are in for a surprise – the toys and characters from their favourite channels are here at Mr Toys.

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Fun Toys and Games from Various Kids’ YouTube Channels

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, allowing billions of people to share and watch videos that inform and entertain a wide variety of audiences – and that includes children! In fact, there are thousands of YouTube channels dedicated for kids. Some are toy review channels that aim to influence parents and children on what toys to buy. Other channels feature stories that appeal to kids’ interests, much like the children’s shows on TV.

Because of the high popularity of YouTube among kids, lots of toys, games, and other fun products have become hot consumer items due to the promotion of these YouTube hits. And if you’re looking for toys and games from your favourite YouTube shows and channels, search no further! Mr Toys is here to provide you all the fun products from various YouTube hits.

Top 5 Highly Popular YouTube Channels for Kids

Here’s a list of the top 5 kid’s channels on YouTube according to various reputable sources (list may change over time):

  1. Ryan’s World
  2. EvanTube
  3. CoComelon
  4. Love, Diana
  5. Peppa Pig

Buy toys and other fun products from your favourite YouTube hits at Mr Toys today!



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