Zhu Zhu Pets

These furry little electronic hamsters will amaze and delight you and your kids. We have a  limited selection of Zhu Zhu Pet accessories available.

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Zhu Zhu Pets

Cute and Cuddly Zhu Zhu Pets

If your child has been begging you constantly for a furry friend, why not distract them with some Zhu Zhu Pets from Mr Toys? These plush, cuddly robot hamster dolls provide a lot of the fun of a real pet, with none of the mess and none of the responsibility.

Zhu Zhu Pets can be played with in two different modes. The first mode is nurturing mode. When in nurturing mode, the "Zhu Zhu" (Chinese for little pig), will make cooing and purring noises as if in response to petting and snuggling with its owner. If you've ever had a guinea pig, these noises will sound very familiar. In fact, you'll wonder why Zhu Zhu got translated to hamster instead of guinea pig!

In the second mode, adventure mode, the robot pets will run around "exploring" their surroundings and responding to various sounds and other stimuli.

Since the original release of Zhu Zhus in 2009, lots of different variations have been introduced. For example, there have been Rockstar Pets, Zhu Zhu Princesses, Zhu Zhu Babies, and Zhu Zhu Puppies. Kung Zhu, a set of "battle hamsters" was introduced in an attempt to make the toys more appealing to young boys.

The makers of Zhu Zhu have been expanding into other areas besides plush toys. There have been several games for Nintendo DS featuring the Zhu Zhu characters, as well as some straight to DVD movies like "Quest for Zhu". With all these ways to interact with the world of Zhu Zhu Pets, what child wouldn't like to have one as a special friend?


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