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It’s the original Zzzopa! Spin it… Bounce it… Throw it! Buy Zzzopa best balls, fidget balls, ball games and toys for kids. Encourage your children to be physically active with Zzzopa balls. Zzzopa’s Triple-Tech™ combo is what makes Zzzopa different from other play balls. It has the Zzzip Bearing System™, Outer Poly-Active Surface™, and CoreSpin Stabiliser™ that makes Zzzopa balls spin smoothly, bounce crisply, and perform tighter tricks. No other balls can perform like Zzzopa balls! So let your child experience the thrill of Zzzopa. Shop for Zzzopa balls and see your little one have a fantastic time spinning, bouncing, and throwing Zzzopa balls with their friends today.

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Zzzopa – The Best Balls for Kids

When kids play with Zzzopa, it gives them the ultimate play experience. It’s Zzzopa’s Triple-Tech™ combo that makes the difference.

What Is Zzzoppa’s Triple-Tech Combo?

The Triple-Tech combo of Zzzopa balls is made up of the following:

1. Zzzopa zzzip bearing system™

2. Zzzopa outer poly-active surface™
3. Zzzopa corespin stabliser™

How Do You Play with Zzzopa?

Zzzopa is an amazing ball that will excite kids whatever age they are at. With Zzzopa, they can:

• Spin it! Grab a grip and get the “zzzzz.”

• Bounce it! Spin and bounce to get random.

• Throw it! Throw it to friends at maximum spin.

So if you think getting the kids active is the best way to encourage healthy playtime, buy them Zzzopa balls at Mr Toys and see them play ball like they haven’t done before!



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