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Unlike growing in the 80's, the toys available for children are plentiful and varied. Toy making had undoubtedly come a long way since the 1800s when the improvement of steam engines streamlined the wide distribution of manufactured imports and export materials. Before the steamboats could transport manufactured goods, the world’s first toy makers were limited to using tin, iron, and wood materials to bring their ideas to fruition.

The children of the 21st Century are fortunate to have such a diverse selection of toys available. From life-like characters to flying machines that can be contorted into figurines, the kids of this generation have new ways to stretch their imaginations and elevate playtime to a whole new level of enjoyment.

Voltron Toys offers a host of opportunities for learning and encourages kids to widen their imagination. Appropriate for children over the age of five, the Voltron Toy collection includes robotic lions and all-terrain vehicles who defend the universe from evil. As children befriend these unique creatures, they can enter a fantastic world of animalistic robots and flying machines.

Mr Toys Toyworld has the Best Selection of Voltron Toys in Australia

Voltron toys are based on a Japanese cartoon series about a group of fighter pilots who battle to save the planet Arus and the entire universe from the world’s evil archenemy, King Zarkon. Luckily, there is one thing that stands in the evil King’s way; a specialised robot known as Voltron, who can defeat the universe’s malevolent rival.

The Voltron robot is unique because it is comprised of five separate spaceships that resemble lions. Much like the original cartoon that the toy line is based on, the Voltron toys consist of five motorised lions. The original Japanese cartoon was entitled “GoLion” which is accurately defined as the “five lions.”

Parents may not realise it, but those who buy Voltron toys are providing their kids with an opportunity to hone the skills they will likely use as adults. What used to be considered a way to keep the kids occupied. Playing is now viewed as an essential part of early childhood development. Today’s parents know the value of play time and the budding scientists and world travellers of tomorrow are doing much more than just imagining a world of robots.

Science and a Revised Definition of Play

Research has shown that playtime offers children the chance to learn about the world while they imagine how they fit into it. The notion that having fun has morphed into an opportunity for kids to test theories and postulates related to reality versus what’s happening in their young minds.

As kids compare the way the world might work (if for example, mechanical lions did exist), they learn how to assess theories and alternate ideas about the world around them. This, in turn, strengthens their ability to interact with others, make friends and engage in teamwork.

Some also believe that kids who are given room to imagine, grow into more intelligent adults. Since Mr Toys Toyworld has a wide selection of Voltron toys to choose, parents can efficiently provide their budding innovators with the tools to grow into the scientists of tomorrow.

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