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Enjoy a great shopping experience at Mr Toys Toyworld with our special toys sold at half the price you would find in other stores. Whether you are looking for items to give as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or any other occasion, or you want an awesome toy for your own collection, they are here at Mr Toys – and you may likely find one in our half-price toys department. It’s a shoppers’ paradise where collectors will gloat in delight once they see the assortment of toys, games, playsets and more at half the price they are often sold elsewhere.

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Half Price Specials

Great Bargains of Toys – Half the Price

It’s bargains galore at Mr Toys Toyworld! If you’re looking for popular toys at heavily discounted prices, you should shop here at Mr Toys where you will find high-quality products at half their original prices.

Find Hot Toys That Kids Will Love at Half the Price

Our selection of half-price products includes:

  • hot games
  • trending toys
  • classic collectables
  • popular merchandise from kids’ movies and shows
  • and other items children are crazy about – at half the price!

If you want to buy a gift for a child’s birthday or you are planning to buy a bulk of gifts for Christmas or other occasions, it would be great to find the best prices available for the toys you aim to purchase.

That’s why Mr Toys is here to offer you toys at half their original prices!
So what are you waiting for? Shop for half-price toys at Mr Toys now!



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