Toy Manufacturer Contacts

Below is a list of contact details for some of key toy manufacturers. If you are having a problem with your product, we suggest contacting the supplier for further information.

Mr Toys Toyworld Online Support

+617 3420 3716

Australian Toy Distributors02 9668 9800Visit Website
Banter03 9799 3422Visit Website
Big Balloon03 9020 1358Visit Website
Colorific1800 801 545Visit Website
Crown And Andrews / Britz Marketing02 9898 3555Visit Website
Funtastic Toys1800 244 543Visit Website
Hasbro1300 138 697Visit Website
Headstart03 8574 4400Visit Website
Hunter Leisure03 9287 9888Visit Website
Hunter Products03 9262 2900Visit Website
Ikon Collectables03 5240 7900
Innovation First08 8321 9000Visit Website
LEGO1800 683 100Visit Website
Lifespan Kids1300 310 495Visit Website
Mattel1300 135 312Visit Website
MJM Australia03 9555 3833Visit Website
Modern Brands1800 675 772Visit Website
Moose Toys03 9579 7377Visit Website
Nikko / Rusco Racing03 9791 8991Visit Website
Pink Poppy02 9748 0922
Southern Model Supplies1800 888 472Visit Website
The Brand Exchange
Tomy03 9799 5500Visit Website
University Games1300 998 150Visit Website
VtechVisit Website
Vuly1300 667 514Visit Website
Wild Republic07 3265 5288Visit Website
Winning Moves Australia1300 170 837Visit Website
Zimbler03 8481 1000Visit Website