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Does your child dream of saving lives someday? Do they see themselves rescuing people in need? Encourage your child’s altruism by giving them toys that depict real-life emergency rescue missions – like ambulance toys. Our range of ambulance toys are made by reputable toy manufacturers such as Bruder, Italeri, Playmobil, Siku, and LEGO among many others. The ambulance is one of the most important rescue vehicle, so you definitely would want to include ambulance toys in your collection of rescue toys. Children will love the thrill and exhilaration imagining an emergency scene wherein they rescue and save the life of a patient. Shop for ambulance toys now and let your child be a life saver today!

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The Ambulance – A Very Important Rescue Vehicle

Ambulances are vehicles supplied with sufficient medical tools and are used to transport patients to hospitals. Ambulances are often utilised during emergency situations when patients are heavily injured or in a life-threatening condition. The ambulance is manned by a professional driver and one or more paramedics that can provide immediate medical care to the patient.

Because it is used to respond to medical emergencies, the ambulance is equipped with a siren and flashing warning lights. It is common practice, and even required by law, to give way to an ambulance whenever it is speeding on the road giving out its warning sound and lights. Most ambulances are designed to look like vans or pick-up trucks.

Why Is It Called Ambulance?

The word ambulance comes from the Latin ambulare which means “to walk or move out.” It is in reference to early medical services in which patients were lifted and wheeled about to bring them to a proper place to be treated.

Where to Find a Good Range of Ambulance Toys

Mr Toys Toyworld is a great place to shop for ambulance toys that will make any child gloat their eyes in delight. Buy ambulance toys at Mr Toys today!



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