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Angry Birds have swept the country. These wingless birds are intent on wiping out the green pigs which have stolen their eggs. Kids everywhere are playing Angry Birds games and collecting toys based on the game. Our selection of Angry Birds merchandise features assorted plush toys and board games. Shop our online selection and get your own Angry Bird toys today.

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Exploring the World of Angry Birds Games and Plush

Back in 2003, a small fledgling company that was just a three-man operation, developed into the worldwide dominator that went on to create a unique brand known as games and plush. Three students from Helsinki University named Kim Dikert, Jarno Vakevainen, and Niklas Hed decided to enter the game into a cellphone competition that was sponsored by HP and Nokia.

The Success of Angry Birds Games and Plush

There was no way they could have predicted that Angry Birds games and plush would go on to become a number one worldwide known gaming enterprise. These three talented friends actually won the competition with their game King of the cabbage world. This is what made them go into business together and form the group known as Relude.

Much later the game sold to a company that was called as Sumea. Today, that company is named Digital Chocolate. The game was later renamed as the Mole War. It drew many positive reviews by becoming a multi-player mobile game that was the first of its kind worldwide. Through the next few years, with Angry Birds games and plush on the horizon, they grew and became rebranded as Rovio after the help of a business investor. The three friends were determined to show off what they had to offer.

Together they developed such hardcore video titles such as Darkest Fear. It received rave reviews for the innovative game design. In 2006, they purchased Pixelgene and began to develop both 2D and 3D phone games. It was really the first real step toward the beginning development of Angry Birds games and plush.

They began to outsource their programming skills during this time. There were several key games for major players like Electronic Arts in the year 2007, and they grew into a company that was staffed with 30 people. The Angry Birds game for iPhone was set out on December 10th 2009 for release. That is really how the magic of this story actually begins. None of them imagined that one game would move along to create the plush toys for sale around the world. Millions of people scramble to buy each one of them.

The game has built in 120 levels each more exciting than the last. The Angry Birds games and plush was propelled to the top of the app downloading charts over the majority of the world. The game is very low cost and fully downloadable and has been downloaded over 10 million times. People all over the world simply cannot get enough of these amazing characters. Rovio has produced a very unique range of toys for their Angry Birds line. These include the individual Angry Birds plush toys on sale. They each measure 8 inches, are brightly coloured, and have their own distinct personalities. People want to grab them up as soon as they see them.



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