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Digimon, short for Digital Monster, is a digital game and virtual pet first released by Bandai in 1997. It is similar to the Tamagotchi wherein the owner needs to take care of the virtual pet to avoid sickness and death. But unlike the Tamagotchi, the Digimon pets can connect with other Digimon for an exciting game play. Those who are after the thrill of seeing their digital pets battle it out to see which one is stronger and more skillful, then the Digimon digital game is something they will want to own. Shop for Digimon digital games and virtual pets here at Mr Toys, and see if you are up to the challenge of taming and training a Digimon.

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Digimon and the Digital World

The premise of the Digimon virtual game goes like this: One day, a virus with artificial intelligence spread to computers all over the world. This virus changed its appearance and properties on the network and evolved like a living thing, which is now called the Digital Monster or Digimon.

The Digital World is similar to the real world except that it is inhabited by digital lifeforms such as the Digimon, living entities made up of data, each exhibiting different skills and powers. Various Digimon inhabit the Digital World and they continue to increase as their world expands.

Things to Know about Digimon

• Digimon are born from Digieggs or Digital Eggs.

• Digimon have no male and female genders.

• Digimon needs to eat food from the Digital World as their source of energy.
• Digimon can die due to external factors like illness and injury.
• Digimon cannot reproduce since they do not have genders.
• Digimon can re-genenerate by dropping Digieggs, in case they die.
• Digimon can change its form through Digivolution.
• Because of their wild instinct, Digimon have high fighting spirit.

Buy your Digimon virtual pets and digital games here at Mr Toys and become the greatest Digimon tamer you can be!



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