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Are you someone who is into wargames and role-play battles? Search no further, the Warhammer game is definitely for you. Warhammer is a miniature wargame wherein players enact a battle between opposing forces using miniature figurines of warriors and models of fighting vehicles. The participants play on a tabletop model of a battlefield, comprising models of buildings, hills, trees, and other terrain features. Players take turns moving their model warriors and vehicles around the battlefield to enable combat mode through the Warhammer rule system and a set of 6-sided dice. See how fierce 41st-millennium warfare can be with Warhammer games using miniature armies. Fight in a battle from the distant future and survive the dangers of war. You can also paint your collection of Warhammer toys and bring them to life with our range of Warhammer paints of brushes. Take a look at our Warhammer items here at Mr Toys and purchase them now.

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Games Workshop Warhammer

What is Warhammer?

There are two popular miniature games named Warhammer. There is the Warhammer Fantasy Battle and the Warhammer 40,000 (40k). Both of them were made by Games Workshop, a company based in Nottingham England.

Warhammer 40,000 is a tabletop wargame that enables you to fight epic battles in the 41st millennium with an army chosen, built, and painted by you. You’ll take part in encounters across a dark and war-torn universe. Using strategy, intelligence and luck, you can outwit your opponent and win many battles.

Warhammer 40,000 Can Be An Exciting Hobby

Collect these incredible miniature models of armies from the far future, then re-create the brutal battles of the 41st millennium. This tabletop game can be played by 2 or more participants. Use your strategy and luck to win against your opponents.

Bring your Warhammer miniature models to life by colouring them with our Warhammer painting tools and items. You can also make these colourful Warhammer models as decorations on your cabinets, office desks, and inside study rooms. Collect, build, paint, and play with Warhammer 40k toys; shop for them now only at Mr Toys Toyworld.



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