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Many children love to play with jigsaw puzzles, but parents don’t like the mess they make when they forget to clean up the pieces. There is a better way to play with jigsaw puzzles. Introducing jigsaw puzzle mats and rolls! Jigsaw puzzle mats and rolls make it easy to fix up the mess after playing with the jigsaw pieces. Roll down the mat to play. When done playing, roll it up and voila – no more looking for missing pieces every after play. What’s more is that jigsaw puzzle mats and rolls are portable sets that you can bring anywhere. Shop for jigsaw puzzle mats and rolls at Mr Toys, and enjoy a less messy jigsaw puzzle play with your child today!

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Are Jigsaw Puzzle Roll-Up Mats Essential for Puzzle Lovers?

If you and your children love to play with jigsaw puzzles, then the jigsaw puzzle mat or puzzle roll-up mat is an essential set for the family. It’s a great kit to avoid the mess of finding missing pieces every after play. They are also portable enough to bring with the family on a travel escapade, so you can play with your jigsaw puzzle away from home.

Jigsaw puzzle mats allow you to keep the puzzle pieces safe even if you are not yet finish completing the puzzle, without the worry of the pieces getting lost or destroying the portions you have partly finished.

Reward yourself with a pleasant jigsaw puzzle play experience with our fantastic range of jigsaw puzzle mats and rolls. Buy a jigsaw puzzle roll-up mat today!



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