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Master the art of the ninja with LEGO Ninjago sets from Mr Toys! Build awesome Ninja structures and vehicles your children will enjoy playing with for hours. Each set contains LEGO ninja minifigures and all the pieces they need to create exciting scenes where the ninjas get to take down the bad guys. Your child can play out the many adventures of the Ninjago team as seen on the TV show. With an impressive range of options, kids can create imaginative settings. Ride on Fay’s Elemental Dragon and explore the spooky City of Stiix or take over the ship Destiny’s Bounty. LEGO Ninjago also includes flyers for each ninja, which allows them to travel through the skies. Your little ninja will definitely love building the sets of LEGO Ninjago! Choose the most suitable playset for your child by browsing through our extensive range of LEGO Ninjago below.

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LEGO Ninjago

What Makes LEGO Ninjago So Special?

The LEGO Group introduced the LEGO Ninjago series in 2011 and it is one of the new LEGO themes in the market today. After the discontinuation of the LEGO Ninja line in 2000, LEGO Ninjago is said to be the first LEGO range to be based on the ninja theme since then.

The story of LEGO Ninjago revolves around Sensei Wu and his team of ninjas. They band together under his tutelage to stop the evil Lord Garmadon from collecting the 4 Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. Whether or not your child has followed all the episodes of LEGO Ninjago on TV, they will definitely love role-playing the many thrilling adventures of Kai, Nya, Lloyd, Zane, and Sensei Wu.

What Are the Most Popular LEGO Ninjago Sets?

Based on the current market, the following are the most popular LEGO Ninjago searches:

LEGO Ninjago Kai

LEGO Ninjago Gamer

LEGO Ninjago Fire

LEGO Ninjago Dragon

LEGO Ninjago Jay

LEGO Ninjago Cyber

LEGO Ninjago Mech

LEGO Ninjago Lloyd

LEGO Ninjago Empire

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu

Collect as many LEGO Ninjago sets as you can for maximum LEGO experience and ninja fun!

See your child enjoy building and playing with the world of ninjas and warriors.

Be a hero to your child and give them a LEGO Ninjago set from Mr Toys now!



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