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Buy your child an aircraft toy and watch their imaginations soar. Your little aspiring pilot will love our selection of helicopters, planes and all toys related to aircraft. You can choose from die cast replicas, remote control aircraft, and scaled collectibles.

You can find aircraft toys and collectible aircraft toys (for collectors) in our online toy store. You can also visit one of our bricks and mortar stores and make your selection. Mr Toys offers discounted prices and an extraordinary selection of aircraft toys for your shopping pleasure. Order now and let your child fly the friendly skies.

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Fly With Aircraft Toys From Mr Toys

Some people dream of becoming a pilot. They see themselves flying a plane and travelling abroad. If your one of these people, you can realise this dream even with just your imagination – through our various aircraft toys available in our stores.

Choose from among our many toy planes, choppers and gliders with remote controls. These devices are battery operated which allows them function properly and fly at higher distances. They are made with durable, shockproof frames, allowing you to recover them without a scratch if it drops from the air.

One type of remote controlled aircraft is the radio controlled glider, which does not have propulsion power. Even then, it can sustain continuous flight by using the lift produced by slopes and thermals, controlled remotely from the ground with a transmitter. The glider is made from a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, polymer foams, and composites; and can vary in wing loading from very light to relatively heavy.

Mr Toys offers a variety of aircraft toys on both our online store and land-based stores. We, however, recommend that you shop online. The product pages on the website have descriptions that can help you out with the details.

Select from the best brands of aircraft toys at the best prices that suit your budget. With Mr Toys, you can buy toys knowing they can be shipped anywhere in the country.



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