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Are you a fan of the Japanese-Canadian animated adventure series Bakugan Battle Brawlers? This Bakugan animated show has captured the wonder of children all over the world and has given way for toy makers and game companies to release an array of innovative toy lines, card games, and mobile apps based on the franchise. Mr Toys carry a vast range of Bakugan toys, trading cards, battle arenas, and related games both here on our website and in our land-based stores. Purchase your most sought-after Bakugan toys, trading cards, and games now and prepare yourself for your next Bakugan battle!

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What is Bakugan?

Bakugan is a toy line manufactured by the Canadian toy company Spin Master, after the hit anime series “Bakugan Battle Brawlers.”

What is the Bakugan Battle Game?

The Bakugan Battle Game is played using marbles and cards on a flat surface called Bakugan Battle Arena. The players are required to own a minimum of 3 marbles to participate; they are essentials to the game. Having one of the following accessories are enough for a player to join the Bakugan Battle Game:

  • Bakugan booster packs
  • Bakugan single packs
  • Bakugan starter sets

All the marble sets include laminated playing cards, and most of these cards are known as Gate Cards. Sandwiched inside the cardboard is a hidden metal strip. No board is included in the marble sets, but it can be purchased separately.

An Easy Way to Shop for Bakugan

If you want an easier way to shop for Bakugan toys, we recommend you shop online here on our website. You have the added convenience of choosing your items using your computer or hand-held device – all in the comfort of your own home. You do not need to leave your house! Our assortment of Bakugan toys, trading cards, and game sets will satisfy those who love to collect Bakugan items and enjoy exhilarating Bakugan Battle Games with their friends.

If you prefer the traditional shopping, you may visit our physical stores and buy your Bakugan merchandise today!
Enjoy thrilling Bakugan battle games with our range of Bagkugan toys, trading cards, and game sets. As the Bakugan’s theme song goes, “Open your mind, pop-out Bakugan, stop time and GO!



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