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Is your child yearning to ride a bike yet you know he or she is not ready to do so yet? Then it is just right for you to train them to ride their first bike. Teach them the basic skills of balancing and manoeuvring with a new and sturdy balance bicycle from Mr Toys. The balance bike is the proper ride-on toy to train your child how to ride their first bike. It has no pedals so your child can focus on balancing and driving the bike. Our range of balance bikes comprises bicycles that are small enough for your child to sit and be able to put his feet on the ground. Kids can walk comfortably while sitting on the bike’s saddle. Balance bikes from Mr Toys allow the rider to walk the bicycle while standing over the saddle or while sitting on the saddle. When the child has got the feel of it, he or she will be able to glide and balance with their feet lifted from the ground. It’s time for your child to learn biking; buy them a balance bike from Mr Toys now!

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Balance Bikes – The Best Way for Kids to Learn How to Ride a Bicycle

Balance bikes are sometimes called as run bikes or no-pedal bikes. In some places, they are also called as dandy horses. Because balance bicycles are used to teach kids how to ride a regular bike, they don’t have pedals so the child can stand on their feet while sitting on the saddle. They can use their feet to move the bike. Once the child has gotten used to riding the balance bike, they will be able to manoeuvre their bicycle as they balance their way through.

Why Balance Bikes Are Better than Bikes with Training Wheels

When teaching and training kids how to ride a bike, experts recommend using a balance bike instead of the regular bicycle or a bike with training wheels. Biking experts note the following reasons:

• Balance bikes allow kids to learn balancing first, which is the most important skill of bikers. Pedals may distract the child from concentrating on balancing.

• Balance bikes don’t have training wheels. Bikes with training wheels make kids too dependent on them, thus slowing down their learning on how to balance.
• Training wheels also prevent the child from steering the bike properly. Balance bikes provide a safe way for kids to learn how to steer the bike smoothly.

Start training your child how to ride the bicycle the proper way, and buy a balance bike from Mr Toys today!



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