Female Characters of Batman Movies

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In the world of movies and fiction, James Bond is the number one ladies man – but in the realm of superheroes, Bruce Wayne can tip the scale. Yes, our favourite billionaire playboy and Gotham’s Caped Crusader has his hands full when it comes to women characters and love interests – including his villains!

Who is your favourite “Batman” actress? In this exciting article, we talk about – not just Batman’s female characters – but also the actresses who played them in the movies. Let’s give tribute to some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood who have appeared on the big screen in Batman’s various film adaptations.

Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Anne Hathaway – American actress, singer, and producer – played the role of Selina Kyle / Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

Anne is one of the world's highest-paid actresses in 2015. She has received multiple awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a British Academy Film Award, and an Emmy. As Selina Kyle / Catwoman, she portrays a cunning, devious, and cynical thief and double-crosser – but is in search of a fresh start in life. She targets Gotham’s wealthiest in her schemes. Infrared goggles, belt with lock pits, and bladed high-heel boots are her weapons. Anne’s performance in The Dark Knight Rises is considered as of one the best.

Batman Returns (1992)

Michelle Pfeiffer played Catwoman in Batman Returns.

Michelle is an American actress and producer. Her acting career started in 1978 and she got her first leading role in the musical film Grease 2. She received mainstream attention in 1983 for her breakout performance as gangster moll Elvira Hancock in Brian De Palma’s crime film Scarface. Michelle also starred as Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Dr Chase Meridian

Acclaimed Australian actress, Nicole Kidman, played the brainy but beautiful love interest of Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever (1995). Dr Chase Meridian was a psychologist who moved to Gotham City to investigate and satisfy her strong infatuation with Batman.

Nicole is also a producer and occasional singer. She received multiple awards, including an Academy Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, five Golden Globe Awards, and the Silver Bear for Best Actress.

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Poison Ivy

The alluring green villain with venomous lips, Poison Ivy, was portrayed by American actress and model Uma Therman in Batman & Robin (1997).

Uma has done a variety of films, ranging from romantic comedies and dramas to science fiction and action movies such as the much acclaimed Kill Bill. She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for the film, Pulp Fiction.

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Talia Al Ghul

In Batman’s original canon, Talia Al Ghul is Bruce’s love interest but also one of his deadliest villains. She is the daughter of the supervillain, Ras Al Ghul, and mother of Batman’s son, Damien Wayne.

In The Dark Knight Rises, Marion Cotillard played Miranda Tate who was later revealed to be Talia Al Ghul. Miranda was a member of the board of Wayne Enterprises and friend of Bruce Wayne, but was secretly working with Bane to bring about the destruction of Gotham City.

Marion is a French actress, singer, songwriter, environmentalist, and spokesperson for Greenpeace. She received international fame with the film La Vie en Rose (2007). Her numerous awards include BAFTA Award, Academy Award, two César Awards, Golden Globe Award, European Award, and a Lumières Award.

Rachel Dawes

In the Nolanverse (as what fans call the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan), Rachel Dawes was Bruce Wayne’s childhood sweetheart. The character was initially played by Katie Holmes and later taken over by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Rachel Dawes is a welcome addition to the Batman universe. But why the change of actress? Well, unlike the usual happenings in Hollywood, the reason isn’t dramatic as everybody would think! According to Screenrant, it was simply a matter of preference.

Katie wanted to branch out and explore other roles available to her at that time. She "really enjoyed working on the first one" and her choice not to return to the role was "a decision that I made at that time and it was right for me at that moment."

Rachel Dawes Actress
Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes c/o Screenrant

Vikki Vale

Actress, singer, and former fashion model Kim Basinger played Vicki Vale, the female lead in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie.

Did you know that Kim Basinger was also a Bond Girl? She played the character Domino Petachi in Never Say Never Again (1983) with Sean Connery as James Bond.

She won an Oscar Award for her role in the movie L.A. Confidential. Don't forget to look for her Star in case you come strolling along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Did this article feature your favourite Batman actress? If we missed it, please tell us about her and send us a comment!

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