The Best Bluey Toys in 2024

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Feeling blue this time of the year? Cheer up and see how BLUE takes on a new meaning! Bluey, Australia’s favourite blue heeler pup is out to make every day a holiday. Along with her sister Bingo, her parents, and her friends, Bluey goes through life’s adventures playing, laughing, learning, and discovering new things using her imagination and inexhaustible energy.

If you and your children are fans of the Bluey TV show, there is no need to explain who Bluey is. But in case you haven’t watched any of its episodes, here is a quick walk-through. Bluey is the main character of the popular children’s animated show with the same name. She is an inexhaustible 6-year old pup of the blue heeler kind, and she loves to play (as any pup would). She can make everyday family life turn into a fun-filled living adventure, while developing her imagination along with her mental, physical, and emotional resilience.

Children, especially the younger kids, just love playing with Bluey while watching the TV show!

The Bluey Show Characters

Bluey is joined by her family and friends. They are:

Bingo – Bluey’s 4-year old red heeler sister. She also likes to play but she’s more of the quite type. Bingo loves playing doctor, and when she isn’t playing, you may find her talking to little insects in the yard or daydreaming in her own beautiful world.

Bandit – Bluey and Bingo’s father. Even without enough sleep, he uses whatever energy he has left to juggle work, house chores, and playing games with his daughters.

Chilli – Bingo and Bluey’s mum who, just like Bandit, juggles her job at airport security and her duty as a mother to her 2 little pups. She often has a wry comment about her daughters’ antics but won’t hold herself from saying a kind word for a weary child. Mummy Chilli has a penchant for being able to see the funny side of things.

Muffin – the sisters’ cousin who always speaks her mind.

Socks – Muffin’s baby sister who is just starting to talk.

Rusty – the cousin from the bush who likes to ride his motorbike.

Lucky – the adventurous pup and next door neighbour who can’t stop moving.

Mackenzie – the quick and sociable canine from New Zealand.

Indy – the super open and imaginative dog.

Honey – the assertive, thoughtful, and mindful dog.

Coco – the enthusiastic but impatient puddle.

Snickers – the nerdy mutt who loves machines, atoms, and the stars.

Chloe – the super kind, gentle, and smart best friend of Bluey.

Judo – the other neighbour.

Jean Luc – Bluey’s French Canadian camping buddy.

The Terriers – they’re the unstoppable forces of nature.

Missy – she’s super brave (but only when she’s ready).

Buddy – who is patient for days (only).

Winton – the very obedient breed.

Uncle Stripe – Daddy Bandit’s younger brother, and (obviously) Bluey and Bingo’s uncle.

Aunt Trixie – Bingo and Bluey’s aunt and Mummy Chilli’s hockey teammate.

Nana – Daddy Bandit’s mum and Bluey and Bingo’s grandmother who retired to the Gold Coast.

Grandad Bob – (you guessed it right) he’s Bingo and Bluey’s grandfather.

Bluey Toys and Playsets for Kids

Bluey is a very popular show in Australia, and many kids, particularly preschoolers, are hooked on watching the show with their parents and older siblings. How about bringing Bluey off the screen and into your child's little hands by grabbing some of the best Bluey toys for a great pretend-play today? Check them out!

• Wackadoo Watch Bluey

Let’s play with Bluey, Bingo, and the Wackadoo Watch! This wristwatch for kids featuring Bluey includes 8 digital clock faces, time tools, and 4 games. Hear the voice of Bluey as she guides you through games that include characters from the show. Time tools include stopwatch, timer, and alarm. Wackadoo!

• Bluey Lean & Steer Tri-Scooter

Get scooting outdoors with the Bluey Lean & Steer Scooter! Featuring an easy to use lean to steer system, this is the perfect scooter for your little one to build up the confidence to ride without worry. Scooter has soft touch grips and rear foot brake, and meets AS/NZS 8124 toy standards for scooters.

• Bluey & Family Figure Pack

Collect the whole Heeler family in the Bluey & Family 4-Figure Pack! The pack includes Bluey, little sister Bingo, Dad Bandit, and Mum Chilli action figures. These poseable figures are perfect for realistic play dioramas!

• Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle

Take Bluey’s whole family for a drive in the Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle! Open the top of the vehicle to fit 4 figures inside. Decorate the Family Vehicle with an included fun sticker pack. Playset includes one Bandit figure and a surfboard roof rack with 2 surfboards that are compatible with all Bluey figures.

• Bluey's Backyard Splash

Play, splash, and get soaked with Bluey and Bingo by grabbing Bluey's Backyard Splash! With a continual water blast, the Bluey Backyard Splash will keep children cool all summer long!

  • Manufactured using durable PVC
  • Weighted base for additional stability
  • Includes a hose connection to fit any outlet
  • Dimensions 120cm height
  • Suitable for ages 6+

You may also want to check out the Bluey Magnetic Playset and Bluey Advent Calendar!

Bluey Games for Every Bluey Fan

Playing a game with the whole family becomes more energetic when you have Bluey around. Let Mummy and Daddy join the excitement by taking home these fun Bluey games for little ones (and grownups too). Now, you have something to enjoy every game night with Bluey!

• Monopoly Junior Bluey Edition

In this Monopoly Junior board game, kids can imagine taking a fun adventure all over town with Bluey and her family! The properties on the game board feature familiar locations that Bluey fans will recognise such as Bluey's House, the Dump, Uncle Stripe's Pool, Rug Island, and the Nail Salon. Players go around the board as Bluey, Bingo, Mum, or Dad – moving around the board, buying properties, and collecting rent. The player with the most dollar bucks at the end wins the game!

• Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game

It's almost time for bed, but Bluey and her friends want to play a game of Scavenger Hunt! The Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game is all about finding, playing, and collecting. Players must work together as a team to find 12 toy tokens. The first one to collect enough tokens and get to the finish line wins! This fun game is full of fun activities to perform, fun things to find, and fun questions about Bluey to answer. The game features a colourful game board, 20 Find Cards, 10 Play Cards, 35 Toy Tokens, and 4 Player Pawns with bases. It's a great game for 2-4 Bluey fans to play and perfect for kids aged 3 years and up.

• Bluey Bingo’s Bingo

Match pictures of Bluey and Bingo’s world! Call out the images on the Calling Cards. When an image matches your Bingo Card, place a Bingo Chip over it. The first player to get 3 Chips in a row on their card and yell BINGO wins the round and a Scoring Chip. Win 3 Scoring Chips and you win the game! Bingo’s Bingo is an exciting and fun game for 2 to 4 players.

The Real Bluey House

Did you know that there was a “real” Bluey house? Yes, a real off-screen Bluey house existed for a time... and it was designed by multidisciplinary designer, creative director, filmmaker, and theatre-maker from Melbourne – Yvette Turnball. Have a look!

If you’ve been awe-stricken by Bluey’s house, then bring home the fun by starting your collection of Bluey house toys and playsets. Here are some of the best picks!

• Bluey’s Family Home Playset

Re-create some of the most memorable moments from the show in the Bluey Family Home playset! The house has opening doors and a large wall panel that pulls down to form an outdoor patio. There is plenty of space for Bluey and her family to play in with 4 different rooms – a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

• Bluey Heeler Family Home and Outdoor BBQ Set

Bluey Heeler Family Home and Outdoor BBQ Set is an enormous playset beautifully detailed with an opening front door and a large wall panel that pulls down to form a gorgeous outdoor patio. There is plenty of space for Bluey and her family to play Magic Statues, The included BBQ Mini Playset offers even more value and can be placed along with the included outdoor table and benches on the patio or in the backyard.

• Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse

This feature-packed playset comes fully furnished with the same furniture seen on the show! There are 3 stories to explore including bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room. Bluey’s House comes to life when you press the Octopus in the kid’s room to activate lights and over 50 sounds and phrases.

Bluey Stuffed Toys for Imaginative Play

Yes, Bluey stuffed toys are here at Mr Toys – bringing the fun and cuddliness to every Australian home! Who wouldn’t be excited about that?

Thanks to Moose Toys, BBC Studios, and Brisbane-based Ludo Studio (which is a few blocks away from two Mr Toys stores), children can now cuddle and play with Bluey as an adorable plush companion. Here are some anecdotes of important individuals from the companies that made this wonderful thing possible…

We are super excited for kids to finally get their hands on Bluey toys. With such strong synergies between Moose and Bluey, being Australian, having a strong sense of family and always having fun, we have no doubt the toys will be loved by kids big and small!

– Paul Solomon, co-owner of Moose Toys

We can’t wait to see Bluey and Bingo be given their first real-life hugs and we couldn’t be happier to have our dog family ready for adoption into Australian homes. They all come ready (and) house trained.

– Charlie Aspinwall, executive producer at Ludo Studio

We are so excited that the first range of Bluey toys (are now) available, and we can’t wait to see what fun games and imaginative play they will inspire in children and their parents.

– Nicole Chungue, licensing manager at BBC Studios ANZ

Can’t wait to see and get the chance to hug Bluey? Check out our Bluey plush toys here at Mr Toys! You may even find a Bluey or Bing talking toy in plush design.

The Iconic Bluey Bus

Here's another fun fact! Did you know that the iconic Bluey bus was modelled after the highly popular Brisbane Bus? Brisbane's fleet of busses is a bus system widely known for its efficiency due to its special routes “for busses only,” which are grade-separated from normal automobile traffic.


Check out the new Bluey’s Bus Playset!

There are more Bluey merchandise waiting for you online and in-store at Mr Toys. Shop for a Bluey toy now and make Bluey your child’s home companion today!

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